Organic Rankine Cycle Power Systems

Organic Rankine Cycle Power Systems

Technical Aspects, Design and Modeling

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FUNDAMENTALS Vapor Cycles Historical Background ORC Manufacturers and Economics GETTING STARTED Introductory Concepts Basic Thermodynamics FROM THE STEAM RANKINE TO THE ORGANIC RANKINE CYCLE The Clausius Rankine Cycle Limitations and Optimization Improvement of the Rankine Cycle The Organic Rankine Cycle Comparison between Steam Cycle and ORC ORC TECHNOLOGY AND APPLICATIONS ORC Plants Outputs Biomass Combined Heat and Power Geothermal Energy Solar Power Plants Heat Recovery on Mechanical Equipment and Industry Processes ORC as a Bottoming Cycle WORKING FLUID SELECTION Different Fluids EXPANSION MACHINES Turbomachines Positive Displacement Expanders Modeling and Losses HEAT EXCHANGERS Different Types Optimization and Sizing Modeling and Losses PUMP Different Types of Pumps Efficiency Curves Optimal Characteristics of the Pump Handling Cavitation Modeling and Losses MODELING, OPTIMIZATION AND CONTROL OF ORC SYSTEMS Optimal Sizing Part-load Operation Control strategies NEXT GENERATION ORGANIC RANKINE CYCLES AND CURRENT TRENDS IN R&D
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