Oral History and Australian Generations

Oral History and Australian Generations

Thomson, Alistair; Holmes, Katie

Taylor & Francis Ltd






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Introduction: Oral History and Australian Generations Katie Holmes and Alistair Thomson 1. Class, Social Equity and Higher Education in Postwar Australia Christina Twomey and Jodie Boyd 2. Talking about Mental Illness: Life Histories and Mental Health in Modern Australia Katie Holmes 3. Australian Generations? Memory, Oral History and Generational Identity in Postwar Australia Alistair Thomson 4. Telling Families and Locating Identity: Narratives of Late Modern Life Kerreen Reiger 5. Creating an Oral History Archive: Digital Opportunities and Ethical Issues Kevin Bradley and Anisa Puri 6. Oral History in the Digital Age: Beyond the Raw and the Cooked Michael Frisch 7. Commentary - The Radio Documentary and Oral History: Challenges and Opportunities Michelle Rayner
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