The hidden dynamics of team performance

Jennison, Jude

Practical Inspiration Publishing






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Table of Contents FRONT MATTER Dedication Foreword by CEO of Wesleyan INTRODUCTION PART ONE - BRILLIANT TEAMWORK Chapter 1 - What makes a great team? Chapter 2 - The Opus Method of Brilliant Teamwork PART TWO - THE OPUS METHOD Chapter 3 - Step One - Aliveness Resilience Stress behaviour Psychological safety Vitality Team Aliveness Team Discussion Chapter 4 - Step Two - Alignment Introduction to the Alignment model Lead from the front Lead from the middle Lead from the back Team Alignment Team Discussion Chapter 5 - Step Three - Awareness Introduction to the Awareness model Self-awareness - understand your impact Relational awareness - how relationships impact the team Field awareness - how the wider field affects performance Energetic awareness - how to use energy and emotions to influence Team Awareness Team Discussion Chapter 6 - Step Four - Ability Introduction to the Ability model Courage Compassion Clarity Connection Commitment Team Ability Team Discussion Chapter 7 - Step Five - Acknowledgement Verbal feedback Emotional feedback Non-verbal feedback Appreciation Team Acknowledgement Team Discussion PART THREE - CREATING THE MAGIC Chapter 8 - Why don't teams change? Not enough time Want a quick fix It's too hard Team Discussion Chapter 9 - The Magic of Brilliant Teamwork Challenge of working in a team Self-regulation Alive, Aligned, Aware, Able, Acknowledged Memorable experiences Team Opus Team Discussion Epilogue - Opus's story - the life and death of teamwork Meet the equine team BACK MATTER Gratitude Author bio References Index
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