Online Harassment

Online Harassment

Golbeck, Jennifer

Springer International Publishing AG






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Human-Computer Interaction and Online Harassment: Detection, Analysis, and Prevention.- Weak Supervision and Machine Learning for Online Harassment Detection.- Bridging the Gaps: Multi-Task Learning for Domain Transfer of Hate Speech Detection.- Network Characteristics of the GamerGate Movement.- Automation and Harassment Detection.- Characterizing Gender Differences in Misogynistic and Antisocial Microblog Posts.- Stylistic variation in Twitter trolling.- GamerGate: A Case Study in Online Harassment.- The Continuum of Harm' Taxonomy of Cyberbullying Mitigation and Prevention.- Youth Perceptions of Online Harassment, Cyberbullying, and 'Just Drama': Implications for Empathetic Design.- Avoiding Online Harassment: The Socially Disenfranchised.
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