On-Treatment Verification Imaging

On-Treatment Verification Imaging

A Study Guide for IGRT


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CHAPTER 1. The Concepts and Consequences of Set-up Errors CHAPTER 2. The Foundations of the Equipment used for Radiotherapy Verification CHAPTER 3. Concepts of On-Treatment Verification CHAPTER 4. Clinical Protocols and Imaging Training CHAPTER 5. Concomitant Exposures and Legal Framework CHAPTER 6. Foundational Principles of Protocols, Tolerances, Action Levels, and Corrective Strategies CHAPTER 7. Imaging Science, Imaging Equipment (Pre-treatment and On-treatment) CHAPTER 8. Clinical Practice Principles CHAPTER 9. Quality Systems and Quality Assurance CHAPTER 10. Alternative Technologies CHAPTER 11. Incident Reporting CHAPTER 12. Protocol Development and Training CHAPTER 13. Commissioning of new on-treatment imaging equipment and techniques; Intergration into the Oncology Management System
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