On Style in Victorian Fiction

On Style in Victorian Fiction

Tyler, Daniel

Cambridge University Press






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1. On Style: An Introduction Daniel Tyler; Part I. Aspects of Style: 2. Novel Poetics: Three Studies in the Craft of Style Corinna Russell; 3. Not Straightforward: Characteristics of the Psychology of Grammar in the Victorian Realist Novel Philip Davis; 4. Why Always Dorothea?: Rhetorical Questions in Canon and Archive Sarah Allison; 5. Victorian Transport Robert Douglas-Fairhurst; 6. Telegraphy David Trotter; Part II. Authors: 7. Thackeray: Styles of Fallibility David Kurnick; 8. Jane Eyre's Style Janet Gezari; 9. Windburn on Planet Bronte Elaine Scarry; 10. The Man in White: Wilkie Collins's Styles John Bowen; 11. Fiction and the Law: Stylistic Uncertainties in Trollope's Orley Farm Dinah Birch; 12. George Eliot's Rhythms Daniel Tyler; 13. The Late Great Dickens: Style Distilled Garrett Stewart; 14. Meredith's Style Matthew Sussman; 15. Hardy and Style Mark Ford; 16. Kipling, and Daniel Karlin; 17. James's Style Nicola Bradbury.