Oil, The Arab-israel Dispute, And The Industrial World

Oil, The Arab-israel Dispute, And The Industrial World

Horizons Of Crisis

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Preface -- The Middle East and the Industrial World -- National Responses to the Energy Crisis -- US International Leadership -- Canada's Quest for Energy Autarky -- Western Europe: The Politics of Muddling Through -- Japan's Long-Term Vulnerabilities -- Access to Oil -- Changing National Perspectives on the Arab-Israel Dispute -- American Interest Groups after October 1973 -- Canada: Evenhanded Ambiguity -- The Strategy of Avoidance: Europe's Middle East Policies after the October War -- Japan's Tilting Neutrality -- Oil and Politics in the Middle East -- Petrodollars, Arms Trade, and the Pattern of Major Conflicts -- The Abiding Threat of War: Perspectives in Israel -- Patterns of Middle East Politics in the Coming Decade -- Future Challenge -- Mixing Oil and Money -- Resource Transfers to the Developing World -- Changing Financial Institutions in the Arab Oil States -- The International Energy Agency: The Political Context -- Japan's Energy-Security Dilemma -- Energy and Economic Growth -- The Pervasive Crisis
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