Of Latitudes Unknown

Of Latitudes Unknown

James Baldwin's Radical Imagination

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Foreword: The Death of the Prophet Douglas Field (University of Manchester, UK) Introduction: Baldwin's Radical Imagination Alice Mikal Craven (American University of Paris, France) and William E. Dow (Universite Paris-Est, France) Part 1: James Baldwin: Film, Photography, and the Visual Arts 1. Black Bodies on Screen, White Privilege in Hollywood: James Baldwin on Lang and Preminger Alice Mikal Craven (American University of Paris, France) 2. Picturing Jimmy, Picturing Self: James Baldwin, Beauford Delaney, and the Color of Light James Smalls (University of Maryland, Baltimore County, USA) 3. Lessons in Light: Beauford Delaney's and James Baldwin's 'Unnameable Objects' Tyler T. Schmidt (CUNY Lehman, USA) Part 2: Baldwin's Journalism and Literary Journalism 4. "To End the Racial Nightmare, and Achieve Our Country": James Baldwin and the US Civil Rights Movement Kathy Roberts Forde (University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA) 5. The Documentary Tradition in James Baldwin's Ecriture Verite Isabelle Meuret (Universite libre de Bruxelles, Belgium) 6. Journeys of the "I" in James Baldwin's Literary-journalistic Essays William E. Dow (Universite Paris-Est, France) Part 3: Baldwin Re-Sighted Transnationally 7. French Baldwin (on Screen): "le criminel artiste" Claudine Raynaud (University Paul Valery, France) 8. The Terror Within: Giovanni's Room, L'Etranger, and the Possibility of an Absurd Heroism Timothy McGinnis (Harvard Medical School, USA) 9. James Baldwin's Black Power: No Name in the Street, Fanon, Camus, and the Black Panthers James Miller (Kingston University, UK) Part 4: James Baldwin and Changing Communities: Recontextualizing Baldwin's Legacy 10. Continuing a Legacy: James Baldwin, Ta-Nehisi Coates, and the African American Witness Marcus Bruce (Bates College, USA) 11. Baldwin, the "Arab," and the End of the West Bill V. Mullen (Purdue University, USA) 12. Effective/Defective James Baldwin Robert F. Reid-Pharr (City University of New York, USA) List of Contributors Index
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