Nuclear Medicine and PET/CT

Nuclear Medicine and PET/CT

Technology and Techniques


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Section 1: Foundations 1. Mathematics and Statistics 2. Cell and Molecular Biology 3. Chemistry/Biochemistry 4. Radiochemistry/Radiopharmacology 5. Radiation Safety in Nuclear Medicine Section 2: Patient Care, Management and Research 6. Patient Care 7. Management 8. Research 9. Informatics Section 3: Physics and Instrumentation 10. Physics of Nuclear Medicine 11. Instrumentation 12. CT Physics and Instrumentation 13. PET Instrumentation 14. Principles of Magnetic Resonance Imaging 15. Hybrid Molecular Imaging Section 4: Imaging Procedures and Protocols 16. Central Nervous System 17. Endocrine System 18. Respiratory System 19. Cardiovascular System 20. Gastrointestinal System 21. Genitourinary System 22. Skeletal System Section 5: Special Considerations 23. Inflammatory Procedures/ Tumor/Oncology Imaging and Therapy 24. Hematopoietic System Appendices A: Percentage Points and Chi Square Distribution B: Laboratory Glassware & Instrumentation C: Radionuclides and Radiopharmaceutical Form Used in Clinical Nuclear Medicine D: Glossary E: Answers to Chapter 1 Mathematics and Statistics Review F: Illustration credits
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