Nonlinear Systems, Vol. 2

Nonlinear Systems, Vol. 2

Nonlinear Phenomena in Biology, Optics and Condensed Matter

Casado-Pascual, Jesus; Lemos, M. Carmen; Archilla, Juan F. R.; Palmero, Faustino; Sanchez-Rey, Bernardo

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Part 1. BIOLOGY * Protein Folding: from Anfinsen to Levinthal. Cruzeiro, Leonor. * Patterning dynamics in the fly ocellar complex. Lemos, M. Carmen. * On the role of Oscillations and Phases in Neural Communication. Huguet, Gemma. Part 2. OPTICS AND BOSE-EINSTEIN CONDENSATES * Nonlinear Raman scattering techniques. Cantarero, Andres. * Vortex solitons in two-dimensional spin-orbit-coupled bosonic condensates: the general model. Malomed, Boris A. * Electromagnetic solitary waves collisions on graphene superlattices. Martin-Vergara, Francisca. * Aspects of cosmological Bose-Einstein condensates and physical analogues. Michinel, Humberto * Stable nonlinear vortices in self-focusing Kerr media with nonlinear absorption. Leblond, Herve. * Spatial solitons in nonlinear photonic crystal fibers. Salgueiro, Jose R. 3.Part 3. CRYSTALS, METAMATERIALS AND OTHER CONDENSED MATTER 31 * Kinks in lattices. Kosevich, Yuriy. * Discrete breathers in crystals: energy localization and transport. Dmitriev, Sergey V. * Spatiotemporal Intermittency in a Surface Reaction Model. Jimenez-Morales, Francisco. * ; Transmission of quasiparticle excitations through nonlinear meta-interface between two media. Syrkin, Yevgeniy. * Nonlinear localized modes in electric lattices. English, Lars. * Transport properties of quodons. Russell, F. Michael. * Kinks: theory and experiments. Mherem, Ahmed * Peculiarity of propagating self-sustained annealing of radiation-induced interstitial loops. Selyshchev, Pavel A. Embedded solitons and their application to the Josephson effect. Zolotaryuk, Yaroslav
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nonlinear phenomena in biology;protein folding;nonlinear waves in condensed matter;energy and charge transport;Bose-Einstein condensates;patterning dynamics;phases in neural communication;bosonic condensates;nonlinear localized modes