Nonlinear Systems, Vol. 1

Nonlinear Systems, Vol. 1

Mathematical Theory and Computational Methods

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Part 1. BIFURCATION ANALYSIS * Analytic integrability of some degenerate centers . Checa, Isabel. * Analysis of the Hopf-zero bifurcation and their degenerations in a quasi-Lorenz system. Dominguez, Cinta. * Normal forms for a class of tridimensional vector fields with free-divergence in its first component. Fuentes, Natalia. * Takens-Bogdanov bifurcations and resonances of periodic orbits in the Lorenz system. Rodriguez-Luis, Alejandro J. Part 2. WAVE EQUATIONS * Solitons and vortices in the Nonlinear Dirac Equation. Kevrekedis, Panayotis. * ; Stochastic Korteweg - de Vries type equations. Karczewska, Anna. * Exact and adiabtic invariants of KdV type equations. Rozmej, Piotr. * Gravitational waves as nonlinear waves and solitons. Villatoro, Francisco R. Part 3. OTHER DIFFERENTIAL AND DIFFERENCE EQUATIONS * On the dynamics of the nonlinear logistic difference equation with two delays. Balibrea-Gallego, Francisco, * Simplifying singular perturbation theory in the canard regime using piecewise-linear (PWL) systems. Desroches, Mathieu. * Principal solutions and variation of constants formula for a class of functional differential equations. Marot o, Ismael. * Diffusion Equations in Inhomogeneous Media from the Master Equation. Salasnich, Luca. Part 4. COMPUTATIONAL METHODS * On the numerical approximation to generalized Ostrovsky equations. Duran, Angel. Simulation of Laser Dynamics with Cellular Automata: progress and challenges . Guisado, Jose Luis
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