Noir in the North

Noir in the North

Genre, Politics and Place


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List of Figures Notes on Contributors Foreword Yrsa Sigurdardottir (Author, Iceland) Acknowledgements 1. Introduction: Noir in the North Gunnthorunn Gudmundsdottir (University of Iceland, Iceland) and Gerardine Meaney (University College Dublin, Ireland) PART I GENDER AND TRANSNATIONAL DIMENSIONS 2. The Woman Between: A Social Network Analysis of The Fall and The Bridge Gerardine Meany (University College Dublin, Ireland), Derek Greene (University College Dublin, Ireland), Karen Wade (University College Dublin, Ireland), Maria Mulvany (University College Dublin, Ireland) 3. Adapting Nordic Noir: From Forbrydelsen to The Killing Delphine Letort (Le Mans University, France) 4. Lilyhammer's 'Land of Second Chances': Masculinity, Violence and Corruption Catherine Ross Nickerson (Emory University, USA) PART II SPACE AND PLACE 5. Views from The Bridge: Panoramas, Streetscapes and the Optics of Noir Graeme Gilloch (Lancaster University, UK) 6. Complex Nostalgias: North, Pastness and Community Survival in Arnaldur Indridason's Strange Shores and Ann Cleeves' Blue Lightning Daisy Neijmann (University of Iceland, Iceland) 7. Nordic Noir and the 'Postcolonial' North: The Legacies of Danish Colonialism in the Nordic Region Christinna Hazzard (Liverpool John Moores University, UK) PART III POLITICS AND MORALITY 8. Crime's Cartography: Using Sjoewall and Wahloeoe's Story of a Crime to Map Sweden's Coordinates within Global Neoliberalism's Uneven Spread Patrick Kent Russell (University of Connecticut, USA) 9. Kid Stuff: Nordic Noir, Politics, and Quality Andrew Nestingen (University of Washington, USA) 10. Dark Nights and Moral Diversity: Re-thinking Morality in Nordic Noir Mary Evans (London School of Economics, University of London, UK) PART IV GENEALOGY AND GENRE 11. What's in a Name: The Thorny Thread of Nordic Noir Bjoern Nordfjoerd (St. Olaf College, USA) 12. Bleakness and Tenacity: Nordic Noir and Fin-de-siecle French Decadent Literature Christopher James (Bridgewater College, USA) 13. Dragon Tattoos, Crime, and the City: The Contemporary Epic Giti Chandra (University of Iceland, Iceland) 14. The New Swedish Police Thriller of the 2010s Kerstin Bergman (Lund University, Sweden) 15. 'Safe Little Norway': Norwegian Noir and the Roots of Subversive Sociopolitical Commentary Nina Muzdeka (University of Novi Sad, Serbia) 16. Val McDermid on Noir in the North Interview by Lorna Hill (University of Stirling, UK) Coda Gunnar Staalesen Index
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