Nineteenth-Century Religion, Literature and Society

Nineteenth-Century Religion, Literature and Society

Disbelief and New Beliefs


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Volume 4: Disbelief and New Beliefs Eds. Naomi Hetherington & Clare Stainthorp Acknowledgements Introduction Part 1. Biblical Criticism 1.1 Hebrew Bible Criticism 1. 'General Remarks on Mythology and Legendary History' and 'Account of Noah and the Flood', in James Heywood (ed.), Introduction to the Book of Genesis with a Commentary on the Opening Portion, from the German of Dr Peter von Bohlen (London: John Chapman, 1855), vol. 1, pp. 1-8; vol. 2, pp. 107-21. 2. Claude Goldsmid Montefiore, 'Preface' and 'Traditions of the Past: Visions of the Future', in The Bible for Home Reading With Comments and Reflections for the Use of Jewish Parents and Children (London: Macmillan, 1896), vol. 1, pp. i-viii, 573-83. 1.2 Lives of Jesus 3. Thomas Scott, extract from 'The Birth and Early Years of Jesus', in The English Life of Jesus, new edition (London: Thomas Scott, 1872), pp. 31-7. 4. 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