Nineteenth-Century Religion, Literature and Society

Nineteenth-Century Religion, Literature and Society



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Volume 1: Traditions Ed. Rebecca Styler Dedication Editor's acknowledgements Acknowledgements General Introduction: Nineteenth-Century Religion, Literature and Society Introduction to Volume I: Traditions PART 1 Evangelical Religion 1.1 'Vital' Religion 1. Extracts from Emma Jane Worboise, Married Life, or, The Story of Philip and Edith (1863) 1.2 The authority of the Bible 2. Extracts from C. H. Spurgeon, 'How to Read the Bible: A Sermon' (1866) PART 2 Anglican Developments 2.1 The High Church Movement 3. Extracts from Frederick W. Faber, The Church, a Safeguard against Modern Selfishness (1840) 4. Frederick W. Faber, 'Easter Communion' (1856) 2.2 The Broad Church Movement 5. Extracts from A. I. Fitzroy, Dogma and the Church of England (1891) PART 3 Roman Catholicism 3.1 Roman Catholicism in Britain 6. Extracts from M. E. Herbert, Anglican Prejudices Against the Catholic Church (1866) 7. Extracts from M. E. Herbert, Impressions of Spain in 1866 (1866) 3.2 Roman Catholicism in Ireland 8. Extracts from [Anon.], Letters of an Irish Catholic Layman (1883) PART 4 Scottish Presbyterianism 4.1 The Church of Scotland 9. Extracts from Norman Macleod, The Lord's Day (1865) 4.2 The Free Church in Scotland 10. Extracts from Thomas Guthrie, The Principles of the Free Church of Scotland, and a Plea for the Ante-Disruption Ministers (1859) PART 5 Forms of Dissent 5.1 Wesleyan Methodism 11. Charles Wesley, selections from Hymn Book of the United Methodist Free Churches (1867) 12. Extracts from Mary Fletcher, The Life of Mrs Mary Fletcher, Consort and Relict of the Rev. John Fletcher, Vicar of Madeley, Salop (1817) 5.2 Welsh Nonconformity 13. Extracts from Henry Richard, 'The Established Church in Wales' (1871) 14. William Williams Pantycelyn, ''Rwy'n edrych dros y bryniau pell' ('I look across the distant hills') [n.d] 15. Ann Griffiths, 'Wele'n sefyll rhwng y myrtwydd' ('See him stand among the myrtles') [n.d.] 5.3 Unitarianism 16. Extracts from Lant Carpenter, The Beneficial Tendency of Unitarianism (1845) 17. Anna Laetitia Barbauld, 'The New Commandment' [n.d.] 5.4 Quakers 18. Extracts from Thomas Clarkson, A Portraiture of Quakerism (1806) PART 6 New Nonconformist Movements 6.1 Brethren 19. Extract from J. N. Darby, Reflections on the Ruined Condition of the Church (1841) 20. A. N. Groves, 'On Departure from Catholic Christianity' (1836) 6.2 The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 21. John Jaques, 'Necessity of a Living Prophet. Part 1' (1853) 22. [Anon.], 'Gathering' (1853) 23. William G. Mills, 'Our Home at Great Salt Lake' (1853) PART 7 Judaism 7.1 Orthodox Judaism 24. Extracts from Nathan Marcus Adler, The Jewish Faith (1848) 25. Nina Davis, 'The Ark of the Covenant' (1895) 7.2 Reform Judaism 26. Extract from D. W. Marks, Discourse Delivered at the Consecration of the West London Synagogue of British Jews (1842) 7.3 Liberal Judaism 27. Extracts from Lily Montagu, 'Spiritual Possibilities of Judaism Today' (1899) PART 8 Religious Traditions from Asia 8.1 Hinduism 28. Extracts from Rammohun Roy, Translation of an Abridgement of the Vedant, or, a Resolution of All the Veds (1816) 29. Miss Acland, 'The Rajah's Tomb' (1866) 30. Extract from Kissory Chand Mittra, 'The Last Days in England of Rajah Rammohun Roy' (1866) 8.2 Zoroastrianism 31. Extracts from Dadabhai Naoroji, The Parsee Religion (1861) 8.3 Islam 32. Extracts from Syed Ameer Ali, The Life and Teachings of Mohammed (1891) PART 9 Interpretive Traditions 9.1 Radical Christianity 33. Extracts from Joseph Rayner Stephens, The Political Preacher (1839) 34. [Anon.], 'Hymn Thirteenth' (1835) 35. John Henry Bramwich, 'A Hymn' (1846) 36. Thomas Cooper, 'God of the Earth, And Sea, And Sky' (1842) 9.2 Feminist Religion 37. Extract from Frances Power Cobbe, Italics (1864) 38. Extract from Josephine E. Butler, 'Introduction' to Woman's Work and Woman's Culture (1869) 9.3 Poetic and Aesthetic Religion 39. Mary Howitt, 'The Spirit of Poetry' (1847) 40. Extract from Anna B. Jameson, 'Introduction' to Sacred and Legendary Art (1848) 9.4 Natural Religion 41. Extracts from Theodore Parker, 'The Relation of the Religious Sentiment to God' (1842) 42. Extract from J. R. Illingworth, Divine Immanence (1898)
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