New Media and the Transformation of Postmodern American Literature

New Media and the Transformation of Postmodern American Literature

From Cage to Connection

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Acknowledgments Introduction: The Inoperable Machine: A Media History of Late Postmodernism Section One: The Tiny Box Wherein Everything is Solved: New Media Narrative, Communication Technology, and the Conversation Novels of William Gaddis Problems in Two-Dimensions Postmodern Issues / Good Intentions: New Media Art and Method Even Agnostics Have Truth: The Verity of Bill Viola Nauman, Burden, Jokes, and Cruelty Two Sides of a Shadow: Stelarc, Chat Bots, and the Phantom Libido Non-attribution: Corporeal Fluidity in William Gaddis's Conversation Novels Section Two: Grooves on the Feeling Knob: Systematic Transgression in William T. Vollmann's The Rainbow Stories and Bret Easton Ellis's American Psycho Framing Excess: An Introduction to Systematic Transgression Sensory Movements: William T. Vollmann, The Rainbow Stories, and "Emotional Calculus" Less Sad the Second Time Around: American Psycho and the Selfhood of Repetition Section Three: "Way Closer to the Soul than Mere Tastelessness Can Get": David Foster Wallace and Transcendent Extra-Textuality Unforeseen Ruptures: David Foster Wallace's Big Break, or, The Legacy of Experimentalism "Sudden Awakening to the Fact that the Mischief is Irretrievably Done": Epiphanic Structure in Infinite Jest The Great Beyond: Textual Relationality in Brief Interviews with Hideous Men Epilogue References Index
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