New Directions in Sexual Violence Scholarship

New Directions in Sexual Violence Scholarship

Law, Power and Change


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New Directions in Sexual Violence Scholarship: Law, Power and Change Kate Gleeson and Yvette Russell Part One: Reconsidering Power and Consent 1. Thinking beyond 'cultural change': towards a materialist theory of sexual violence prevention Anna Hush 2. Consent, Coercive Circumstances and (Imbalances of) Power: Lessons from International Criminal Law Eithne Dowds 3. Archetypal Sluts: Payment of Sex Workers as a Condition of Consent Zahra Stardust and Hilary Caldwell Part Two: Challenging the Colonial Order 4. Reading International Rape Law from the South Louise du Toit 5. No Consent and No Disclosure: Black Australian Women and Sexual Violence Tess Ryan 6. After Provocation: Reconciling the Legacy of the Homosexual Advance Defence in Occupied Australia Kate Gleeson Part Three: Reforming the Rape Trial 7. Sexual History Evidence in Review: Stasis in Constant Change Joanne Conaghan and Yvette Russell 8. Mind the Gap: Implementing 'Rape Shield' Laws in Scottish Sexual Offences Trials Sharon Cowan 9. Complainant Intoxication Evidence and Proof of Non-Consent in Australian Rape Trials: Insights from Appellate Court Decisions Julia Quilter and Luke McNamara 10. "It Felt Like a Comma, Not a Full Stop": Complainers' Experiences of the Not Proven Verdict within Scottish Rape Trials Vanessa E. Munro Part Four: Speaking Truth to Power 11. Beyond Speaking Out: #MeToo and the Limits of Narrative Politics Tanya Serisier 12. New Materialism and Artful Interventions: Exploring the Affects of 'Let's Talk about Sexual Violence' Anna Carline and Clare Gunby 13. Sex at the Workplace: Making Sexual Harassment Visible in Indonesian Businesses Hendri Yulius Wijaya, Lany Harijanti, Maya Juwita, Nizma Fadila and Zelda Lupsita
Gender;Rape;Sexual Abuse;Sexual Harassment;Inequality;Colonialism;Power;Consent