New Beginnings

New Beginnings

365 Daily Meditations and Affirmations for Inspiration

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Introduction January: A New Lease on Life (Topic: New Aspirations) February: Straight from the Heart (Topic: Thoughts on Friendship, Relationships, Love) March: Winds of Change (Topic: Making positive changes/out with old, in with the new) April: Springing into Action (Topic: The Gathering/Building-Up of Energy) May: Kindness Abound (Topic: Thinking about/helping others) June: Rays of Sunshine (Topic: People who bring happiness to the lives of others) July: Breaking New Ground (Topic: Learning a New Skill or Craft) August: The Sky Is the Limit (Topic: Aiming high, setting goals) September: The Road That Leads Ahead (Topic: Road/Journey into the Future) October: Turning Over a New Leaf (Topic: Beginning to behave in a responsible manner) November: A Time to Give Thanks (Topic: The Importance of Gratitude) December: Joy to the World (Topic: Holiday thoughts, family, gatherings) Conclusion