Neurath Reconsidered

Neurath Reconsidered

New Sources and Perspectives

Cat, Jordi; Tuboly, Adam Tamas

Springer Nature Switzerland AG






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Chapter 1. Introduction(Jordi Cat and Adam Tamas Tuboly).- Part I: Life and Work (Otto Neurath).- Chapter 2. A Viennese Library in Exile: Otto Neurath and the Heritage of Central European Culture in the Anglo-Saxon World (Friedrich Stadler).- chapter 3. Otto Neurath: The Philosopher in the Cave(Don Howard).- Chapter 4. Science and Socialism: Otto Neurath as a Political Writer (1919-1932)( Gunther Sandner).- Chapter 5. United by Action: Neurath in England(Adam Tamas Tuboly).- Part II: Science, Society, and Method.- Chapter 6. Visualizing Relations in Society and Economics: Otto Neurath's Isotype-method Against the Background of his Economic Thought(Elisabeth Nemeth).- chapter 7. Traveling Exhibitions in the Field: Settlements, War-Economy, and the Collaborative Practice of Seeing, 1919-1925(Sophie Hochhausl).- Chapter 8. Generating Cognitive Tools. Neurath's Educational Ideal and the Concept of ISOTYPE(Angelique Gross).- Chapter 9. Rationality and Pseudo-Rationality in Political Economy: Neurath, Mises, Weber (Thomas Uebel).- Chapter 10. Neurath's Theory of Theory-Classification: History, Optics, & Epistemology(Gabor Zemplen).- Part III: Logic and Semantics.- Chapter 11. Neurath and the Legacy of Algebraic Logic(Jordi Cat).- Chapter 12. Neurath and Carnap on Semantics (A. W. Carus).- Chapter 13. Rejecting Semantic Truth: On the Significance of Neurath's Syntacticism (Derek Anderson).- Part IV: Context and Influence.- Chapter 14. What a Difference a Decade Makes: The Planning Debates and the Fate of the Unity of Science Movement(George Reischc).- Chapter 15. Of Tennis Courts and Fireplaces: Neurath's Internment on the Isle of Man and his Politics of Design(Michelle Henning).
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