Necropower in North America

Necropower in North America

The Legal Spatialization Of Disposability And Lucrative Death

Estevez, Ariadna

Springer Nature Switzerland AG






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Chapter 1. Introduction Part I: Broadening The Theoretical Scope Of Necropower Chapter 2. The Management Of Death In North America: From The Necropolitical Governmentalization Of The State To The Rule Of Law Chapter 3. From Gore Capitalism to snuff politics: necropolitics in the USA-Mexican Border Part II. Spatializing Disposability and Lucrative Death in the US and Canada Chapter 4. The North American Race Apparatus: Management of Undesirable Lives in the United States Chapter 5. Of Race As Space: Distinguishing Between Autonomous Bodies And Occupied Bodies In The Murder Of George Floyd Chapter 6. Getting away with murder: unpacking epistemic mechanisms of necropower and disposability in North America Chapter 7. Contested Necrocapitalism: Indigeneity Vs. Extractivism In Northern Canada Part III. Producing Disposability And Lucrative Death In The Mexico-US Geographical and Political Borders Chapter 8. The Emergence Of Necrosecurity: On The Extra-Legality Of The Rule Of Law And The Death Of The Willful Subject Chapter 9. Necropolitics and International Migration in Mexico
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