Nanostructured Materials for the Detection of CBRN

Nanostructured Materials for the Detection of CBRN








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Part I Nanostructured Materials.- Chapter1: Strained Graphene Structures: From Valleytronics to PressureSensing.- Chapter2: Development of Biosensors Using Carbon Nanotubes and Few Layered Graphene.- Chapter3: Loaded Electrospun Nanofibers: Chemical and Biological Defense.- Chapter4: Graphene Quantum Dots, Graphene Non-circular n-p-n-Junctions: Quasi-relativistic Pseudo Wave and Potentials.- Chapter5: Magnetic Properties of nCoO/(1-n)ZnO Nanocomposites Obtained by Calcination.- Chapter6: Photocatalytic Properties of TiO2 Thin Films Doped With Noble Metals (Ag, Au, Pd and Pt) forWater Decontamination.- Chapter7: Electrical Measurements of the Dimensions of Nanostructures W. Nawrocki and Yu. M. Shukrinov.- Chapter8: Thermoelastic Phase Transformations and Microstructural Characterization of Shape Memory Alloys.- Chapter9: Nanostructured SnO2 as CBRN Safety Material.- Chapter10: New Experimental Approach to Measure the Photocatalytic Activity of the TiO2 Nanosample.- Chapter11: Boron-Containing Nanostructured Materials for Neutron-Shields.- Part II Nanosensors.- Chapter12: 12 Zeolite-Based Interfaces for CB Sensors.- Chapter14: Nanosensor Devices for CBRN-Agents Detection:Theory and Design.- Chapter14: Improving the Design of Ion Track-Based Biosensors.- Chapter15: Development of a Piezoelectric Flexural Plate-Wave (FPW) Biomems-Sensor for Rapid Point-of-Care Diagnostics.- Chapter16: Optical Polarization Characteristics of Zeolite Deposited on Different Substrates for Perspective Modulation Biosensor Systems.- Chapter17: Design, Analysis and Application of Dynamic Visual Cryptography for Visual Inspection of Biomedical Systems.- Chapter18: Information Processing in Chemical Sensing: Unified Evolution Coding by Stretched Exponential.- Chapter19: Toxicology of Heterocarbon and Application of Nanoheterocarbon Materials for CBRN Defense.- Chapter20: Carbon Nitride Oxide (G-C3N4)O and Heteroatomic N-Graphene (Azagraphene) as Perspective New Materials in CBRN Defense.- Chapter21: Polymer Nanocomposites with Silver Nanoparticles Formed by Low-Energy Ion Implantation: Slow Positron Beam Spectroscopy Studies.- Chapter22: Heterogeneous Systems with Ag Nanoparticles.- Chapter23: CBRN Risk Scenarios.- Chapter24: Influence on the Energy Efficiency of Hydrocarbon Fuels.- Chapter25: Information Technology for Security System Based on Cross Platform Software.- Chapter26: Active Remote Sensing of Chemical and Biological Agents: Detection, Remote Sensing, and Risk Analysis.- Index.
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