My Facebook for Seniors

My Facebook for Seniors

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1. Getting to Know Facebook on Your Computer 2. Getting to Know Facebook on Your Mobile Device 3. Finding Friends on Facebook 4. Personalizing Your Profile 5. Discovering What Your Friends and Family Are Up To 6. Updating Friends and Family on Your Activities 7. What You Should - and Shouldn't Share on Facebook 8. Dealing with Fake News, Hoaxes, and Other Questionable Stuff 9. Managing Your Privacy on Facebook 10. Viewing and Sharing Photos and Videos 11. Broadcasting Live with Facebook Live 12. Chatting with Facebook Messenger 13. Liking Pages from Companies and Celebrities 14. Participating in Interesting Facebook Groups 15. Attending Events and Celebrating Birthdays 16. Buying and Selling in the Facebook Marketplace 17. Tips for Communicating with Your Kids and Grandkids on Facebook 18. Managing Your Facebook Account - Even When You're Gone
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