Multimodal Treatment of Recurrent Pelvic Colorectal Cancer

Multimodal Treatment of Recurrent Pelvic Colorectal Cancer

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1 Follow-up Strategy of the Primary and Early Diagnosis.- 2 Clinical Presentation and Classifications.- 3 Imaging Modalities .- 4 Role of PET-CT.- 5 Role of Radiotheraphy.- 6. Indications to Systemic Chemotheraphy.- 7. Indications to Surgery and Surgical Techniques.- 8 Mortality and Morbidity .- 9. Techniques of Urological Reconstruction.- 10 Techniques of Reconstruction after Major Exenterative Surgery.- 11 Oncologic Outcomes.- 12 Quality of Life.- 13. Pain Control and Palliative Treatments.-14 Local Failure after Conservative Treatment of Rectal Cancer.-15 Italian Survey on the Surgical Treatment of Locally Recurrent Colorectal Cancer.
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