Multidisciplinary Management of Common Bile Duct Stones

Multidisciplinary Management of Common Bile Duct Stones

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1 Historical Perspective and Treatments for Common Bile Duct Stones Jeffrey W. Hazey 2 Common Bile Duct Stones: Health Care Problem and Incidence Joshua S. Winder and Eric M. Pauli 3 Bile Duct Stones: Making the Radiologic Diagnosis Sunny Jaiswal and Suresh Chamarthi 4 Making the Diagnosis: Gastroenterology Joshua R. Peck, Nicholas Latchana, Samer El-Dika, and Sheetal Sharma 5 Making the Diagnosis: Surgery; a Rational Approach to the Patient with Suspected CBD Stones Robert D. Fanelli 6 Percutaneous Biliary Access: Considerations, Techniques, and Complications Bill S. Majdalany and James Spain 7 Special Considerations for the Gastroenterologist Veeral M. Oza and Marty M. Meyer 8 Special Considerations for the Surgeon Michael Paul Meara 9 Percutaneous Methods of Common Bile Duct Stone Retrieval Joshua D. Dowell, Jeffrey Weinstein, Annie Lim, and Gregory E. Guy 10 Gastroenterologic Treatment and Outcomes Royce Groce and Mohammad Shakhatreh 11 Surgical Treatment and Outcomes Ashwini Kumar and Jose M. Martinez 12 Surgical Procedures to Prevent Recurrence Edward L. Jones 13 Management of Medical Complications of Gallstone Disease Victorio Pidlaoan and Somashekar G. Krishna 14 Management of Surgical Complications Helmi Khadra, Terence Jackson, and Jeffrey Marks 15 Special Considerations: Management of Common Bile Duct Stones in the Bariatric Patient Vimal K. Narula and Teresa S. Jones 16 Management of Choledocholithiasis in the Cirrhotic Patient Eliza W. Beal and Sylvester M. Black 17 Nonprocedural Management of Common Bile Duct Stones Reshi C. Kanuru and Edward Levine
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