Molecular and Cell Biology of Cancer

Molecular and Cell Biology of Cancer

When Cells Break the Rules and Hijack Their Own Planet


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PREFACE CHAPTER 1 Molecular and Cell Biology of Cancer when cells break the rules and hijack their own planet CHAPTER 2 Cancer as an Evolutionary Process CHAPTER 3 Cell signaling in cancer Chapter 4 "The cell cycle, cytoskeleton and cancer" CHAPTER 5 Genomic Instability: DNA Repair and Cancer CHAPTER 6 Cell metabolism in cancer - an energetic switch CHAPTER 7 Cancer immunoediting and hijacking of the immune system CHAPTER 8 Angiogenesis - vessels recruitment by tumor cells CHAPTER 9 Tumor niche disruption and metastasis: the role of epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) CHAPTER 10 Case studies - Molecular Pathology perspective and impact on oncologic patients' management INDEX
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Cancer;Immune evasion;Cancer metabolism;Signaling;Angiogenesis;Evolution