Modernist Work

Modernist Work

Labor, Aesthetics, and the Work of Art

Attridge, Prof John; Rydstrand, Dr. Helen

Bloomsbury Publishing Plc






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List of Illustrations Notes on Contributors Acknowledgements An Introduction to Modernist Work John Attridge, University of New South Wales, Australia I The Work of Art 1. The Absolute and the Impossible Work: Franz Kafka's "The Burrow" Robert Buch, University of New South Wales, Australia 2. Autonomy, Difficulty, and the Work of Literature in Wyndham Lewis's Tarr and Andre Gide's The Counterfeiters Emmett Stinson, University of Newcastle, Australia 3. Mimesis and the Task of the Writer for Lawrence and Woolf Helen Rydstrand, University of New South Wales, Australia II Artistic Labor 4. Richard Strauss at Work in His Works David Larkin, University of Sydney, Australia 5. Stein's Immaterial Labors Kristin Grogan, St. Catharine's College, Cambridge, UK 6. Trace and Facture: Legacies of the "Ready-made" in Contemporary South African Art Alison Kearney, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa III Representing Work and Workers 7. Joseph Conrad's Nostromo: Work, Inheritance, and Desert in the Modernist Novel Evelyn Chan, Chinese University of Hong Kong 8. Magic, Modernity, and Women at Work Caroline Webb, University of Newcastle, Australia 9. The Disclosure of Work in the Poetry of Ron Silliman Christopher Oakey, University of New South Wales, Australia IV Class Identity and Class Conflict 10. Swedish Social Modernism: The Inward and Outward Turn in Eyvind Johnson's Stad i ljus Niklas Salmose, Linnaeus University, Sweden 11. Percussion and Repercussion: The Haitian Revolution as Worker Uprising in Guy Endore's Babouk (1934) and C. L. R. James's Black Jacobins (1938) Sascha Morrell, Monash University, Australia 12. Domestic Holocaust: Michael Haneke's Intractable Class War Paul Sheehan, Macquarie University, Australia Afterword: Work, Modernism, and Thinking Through the Aesthetic Morag Shiach, Queen Mary University of London, UK Index
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