Modern Employment Law

Modern Employment Law


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Table of Cases Table of Legislation 1 Introduction, Historical Overview and the Institutions of Employment Law 2 The Contract of Employment 3 Implied Duties in the Contract of Employment 4 Termination of the Contract of Employment 5 Transfer of Undertakings 6 Part-Time and Fixed-Term Employees 7 Unfair Dismissal 1 8 Unfair Dismissal 2 9 Unfair Dismissal 3 10 Redundancy 11 Discrimination 12 Disability Discrimination 13 Discrimination on the Grounds of Pregnancy and Maternity 14 Discrimination on the Grounds of Sexual Orientation and Gender Reassignment 15 Discrimination on the Grounds of Age 16 Leave for Family and Dependants 17 Equal Pay 18 Internal Trade Union Law 19 Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining 20 Industrial Action Index
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automatic; Barrow Charles; breach; constructive; discrimination; dismissal; Lyon Ann; repudiatory; sex; trade; tribunal; unfair