Modeling, Dynamics, Optimization and Bioeconomics III

Modeling, Dynamics, Optimization and Bioeconomics III

DGS IV, Madrid, Spain, June 2016, and Bioeconomy VIII, Berkeley, USA, April 2015 - Selected Contributions


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Preface.- Optimal Regional Regulation of Animal Waste: Antti Iho, Doug Parker and David Zilberman.- An Overview of Synchrony in Coupled Cell Networks: Manuela A. D. Aguiar and Ana P. S. Dias.- Inexact Subspace Iteration for the Consecutive Solution of Linear Systems with Changing Right-Hand Sides: Carlos Balsa, Michel Dayde, Jose M.L.M. Palma and Daniel Ruiz.- Location Around Big Cities as Central Places: Fernando Barreiro-Pereira.- Predicting Energy Demand in Spain and Compliance with the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Agreements: Diego Bodas-Sagi and Jose M. Labeaga.- Simulation and Advanced Control of the Continuous Biodiesel Production Process: Ana S. R. Brasio, Andrey Romanenko and Natercia C. P. Fernandes.- Prior Information in Bayesian Linear Multivariate Regression: J. Casaca.- Perceptions of True and Fair View: Effects of Professional Status and Maturity: Jose A. Gonzalo-Angulo, Anne M. Garvey and Laura Parte.- Topics of Disclosure on the Websites: An Empirical Analysis for FinTech Companies: Teresa Herrador-Alcaide and Montserrat Hernandez Solis.- On the Thin Boundary of the Fat Attractor: Artur O. Lopes and Elismar R. Oliveira.- Transport and Large Deviations for Schrodinger Operators and Mather Measures: A. O. Lopes and Ph. Thieullen.- Dynamics of a Fixed Bed Adsorption Column in the Kinetic Separation of Hexane Isomers in MOF ZIF-8: Patricia A. P Mendes, Alirio E. Rodrigues, Joao P. Almeida and Jose A. C. Silva.- A Simulation Model for the Physiological Tick Life Cycle: Nabil Nassif, Dania Sheaib and Ghina El Jannoun.- Long-term Value Creation in Mergers and Acquisitions: Contribution to the Debate: Julio Navio-Marco and Marta Solorzano-Garcia.- Cournot Duopolies with Investment in R&D: Regions of Nash Investment Equilibria: B.M.P.M. Oliveira, J. Becker Paulo, A.A. Pinto.- On a Stochastic Logistic Growth Model with Predation: an Overview of the Dynamics and Optimal Harvesting: Susana Pinheiro.- Myopia of Governments and Optimality of Irreversible Pollution Accumulation: Laura Policardo.- Stochastic Modelling of Biochemical Networks and Inference of Model Parameters: Vilda Purutcuoglu.- Complete Nonholonomy of the Rolling Ellipsoid - A Constructive Proof: F. Ruppel, F. Silva Leite and R. C. Rodrigues.- Methodological Approaches to Analyse Financial Exclusion From an Urban Perspective: Cristina Ruza-Paz-Curbera, Beatriz Fernandez-Olit and Marta de la Cuesta-Gonzalez.- Prospective Study about the Influence of Human Mobility in Dengue Transmission in the State of Rio de Janeiro: Bruna C. dos Santos, Larissa M. Sartori, Claudia Peixoto, Joyce S. Bevilacqua and Sergio M. Oliva.- The Impact of the Public-Private Investments in Infrastructure on Agricultural Exports in Latin American Countries: Barbara Soriano and Amelia Perez Zabaleta.- Major Simulation Tools for Biochemical Networks: Goekce Tuncer and Vilda Purutcuoglu.
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