Mirror of the World

Mirror of the World

Literature, Maps, and Geographic Writing in Late Medieval and Early Modern England

Roland, Meg

Taylor & Francis Ltd






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Introduction: 'Master Ptolemy:' The Ptolemaic Revival and the Trace of Ptolemy's Geography in Early English Print Culture 1. Fluid Geographies: The Confluence of Medieval and Ptolemaic Space in Malory's Le Morte Darthur 2. Cartographic Caxton: Myrrour of the World and Early English Print 3. The Equipollent Earth-Apple: Mandeville's Travels, the Behaim Globe, and Globes in Tudor England 4. The Painted World: John Rastell's Stage Globe and Geographic Pleasure in Early Tudor England 5. 'After Poyetes and Astronomiers:' The Kalender of Shepherds, and Ptolemaic Geography in Popular Print Epilogue and Analogue: What the "Poets and Astronomers" of the Ptolemaic Revival Offer the Spatial Humanities