Migrants, Refugees, and the Media

Migrants, Refugees, and the Media

The New Reality of Open Societies

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Introduction 1 Migration Maps and the Performance of Europeanness Paul Adams 2 How Game Structures in Interactive Media Frame Refugee Issues Nicole Braida 3 The Refugee Crisis in Europe: A Frame Analysis of European Newspapers Willem Joris, Leen d'Haenens, Baldwin Van Gorp & Stefan Mertens 4 The Balkans Route: Media and the Refugee Crisis in Europe Zeljka Lekic Subasik 5 The Strategic Framing of the 2015 Migrant Crisis in Serbia Aleksandar Mitic 6 A Spanish view of the European Refugee Crisis: TV News Coverage Liisa Hanninen and Laura San Felipe Frias 7 The Humanitarian Duty to Communicate: An Analysis of Rumor Victoria Jack 8 Eastern Europeans in British Press from 2004 to 2014 Fathi Bourmeche
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