Microlearning in the Digital Age

Microlearning in the Digital Age

The Design and Delivery of Learning in Snippets

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Foreword Part 1: Introduction 1. A Multidimensional Roadmap for Implementing Effective Microlearning Solutions 2. What is Microlearning? Origin, Definitions, and Applications Part 2: Designing Microlearning Objects 3. Sound Pedagogy Practices for Designing and Implementing Microlearning Objects 4. Multimedia Design Principles for Microlearning 5. Optimizing Microlearning Materials for Mobile Learning 6. Assessing the Learning in Microlearning Part 3: Microlearning in Academic, Corporate, and Personalized Learning Contexts 7. Microlearning and Microcredentials in Higher Education 8. Microlearning in K-12 Settings 9. Microlearning in Corporate Settings 10. Microlearning for Personal & Professional Development PART 4: Microlearning Today and Tomorrow 11. Creating Microlearning Objects within Self-Directed Multimodal Learning Contexts 12. Gamifying Microlearning Elements 13. Sharing Microlearning Materials as Open Educational Resources (OER) 14. RREDS: An Instructional Design Model Based on Microlearning Events and Curricular Engagement 15. Microlearning in the Workplace of the Future
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