Messy Europe

Messy Europe

Crisis, Race, and Nation-State in a Postcolonial World

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List of Illustrations Introduction Kristin Loftsdottir, Andrea L. Smith, and Brigitte Hipfl Chapter 1. Wise Viking Daughters: Equality and Whiteness in Economic Crisis Kristin Loftsdottir and Helga Bjoernsdottir Chapter 2. "Latvians do not understand the Greek people": Europeanness and Complicit Becoming in the Midst of Financial Crisis Dace Dzenovska Chapter 3. Fairness and Entitlement in Neoliberal England, 2005-2015 Steve Garner Chapter 4. Debating Refugee Deservingness in Post-Celtic Tiger Ireland Shay Cannedy Chapter 5. What is a Life? On Poverty and Race in Humanitarian Italy Andrea Muehlebach Chapter 6. Policing Crisis in Austrian Crime Fiction Brigitte Hipfl Chapter 7. Crisis France: Covert Racialization and the Gens du Voyage Andrea L. Smith Chapter 8. Navigating the Mediterranean Refugee "Crisis": Alter-Globalization Activism and the Sediments of History on Lampedusa Antonio Sorge Epilogue: Declining Europe Thomas Hylland Eriksen Index
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