Medieval Texts and Images

Medieval Texts and Images

Studies of Manuscripts from the Middle Ages

Manion, Margaret M.; Muir, Bernard J.

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Introduction List of Contributors Acknowledgements Abbreviations List of Colour Plates List of Figures 1. Pictures for Aristocrats: the Manuscripts of the Legende doree, Hilary Maddocks 2. Liturgy and Image: the Advent Minature in the Salisbury Breviary, Judith Pearce 3. The Significance if Text Scrolls: Towards a Descriptive Terminology, Alison R. Flett 4. The Rolin Master's Hand in London BL MS Additional 25695, Peter Rolfe Monks 5. Renaissance Books and Raphael's Disputa: Contextualising the Image, Cecilia O'Brien 6. An Unusual Pentecost Cycle in a Fourteenth Century Missal, Veronica Condon 7. A Minimally-intrusive Presence: Portraits in Illustration for Prayers to the Virgin, Joan Naughton 8. Reading Medieval Images: Two Miniatures in a Fifteenth Century Missal, Vera F. Vines 9. Editing the Exeter Book: A Progress Report, Bernard J. Muir 10. Art and Devotion: The Prayer-books of Jean de Berry, Margaret M. Manion 11. Et Verbum Caro Factum Est: The Prayer-book of Michelino da Besozzo, Katherine McDonald General Index Index of Manuscripts Cited Index of Biblical References
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Advent Minature; Aristocrats; Fourteenth Century; Fourteenth Century Missal; Legende doree; Liturgy; Medieval Aristocrats; Medieval Iconography; Medieval Images; Medieval Liturgy; Medieval Manuscripts; Medieval Portraits; Medieval Text; Middle Ages; Pentecost Cycle; Prayers for the Virgin; Raphael's Disputa; Renaissance Books; Text Scrolls; Themes; The Middle Ages; The Virgin Mary; Virgin Mary