Mathematical Logic

Mathematical Logic

On Numbers, Sets, Structures, and Symmetry

Kossak, Roman

Springer Nature Switzerland AG






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Chapter1. Mathematical Logic.- Chapter2. Logical Seeing.- Chapter3. What is a Number?.- Chapter4. Number Structures.- Chapter5. Points, Lines.- Chapter6. Set Theory.- Chapter7. Relations.- Chapter8. Definable Elements and Constants.- Chapter9. Minimal and Order-Minimal Structures.- Chapter10. Geometry of Definable Sets.- Chapter11. Where Do Structures Come From?.- Chapter12. Elementary Extensions and Symmetries.- Chapter13. Tame vs. Wild.- Chapter14. First-order Properties.- Chapter15. Symmetries and Logical Visibility One More Time.
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first-order logic introduction;Abstract symmetries;Number system development;Set theory mathematics;Model theory;Formal arithmetic;Tameness mathematical structures;Axiomatic set theory;Compactness Theorem;Logical visibility;first-order logic applications;complexity mathematical structures;Applied compactness theorem;geometry definable sets;mathematical structure relations;logical visibility;language of modern mathematics;recent developents model theory;Ramsey theory