Masters of Media

Masters of Media

Controversies and Solutions

Strasburger, Victor C.

Rowman & Littlefield






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Preface Introduction: Children, Adolescents, and the Media: Is There a Problem? (Victor C. Strasburger, M.D.) Chapter 1: The 7 +/- 2 Deadly Sins of Video Game Violence Research El-Lim Kim, M.S., Craig A. Anderson, Ph.D., Douglas A. Gentile, Ph.D. Chapter 2: Should Internet Addiction and Gaming Addiction be Categorized as Disorders Wayne Warburton, Ph.D. Chapter 3: Does Pornography Affect Teenagers? Paul J. Wright, Ph.D. Chapter 4: Lessons from the Dunedin Study Helena M. McAnally, Ph.D., and R.J. Hancox, M.D., MRCP (UK) Chapter 5: The Rise and Fall of Screen Time Sona Livingstone, DPhil (Oxon, OBE) Chapter 6: Why the Densentization Effect Matters Most Jeanne Funk Brockmyer, Ph.D. About the Editor and Contributors
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