Mary Robinson and the Genesis of Romanticism

Mary Robinson and the Genesis of Romanticism

Literary Dialogues and Debts, 1784-1821

Cross, Ashley

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Introduction: Robinson's Dialogues: From Della Cruscan to Romantic Part 1: Romantic Robinson: Poetic Dialogues 1. Harping on Lyrical Exchange: Coleridge and Robinson 2. Illegitimate Influences: Robinson, Charlotte Smith and the Romantic Sonnet 3. Romantic Authorship and the Morning Post Aesthetic: Robert Southey 4. From Lyrical Ballads to Lyrical Tales: Wordsworth, Reputation and Romantic Genius Part 2: Radical Robinson: Dialogic Fictions 5. Dangerous Dialogues and Queer Panic: Walsingham and Caleb Williams 6. Vindicating the Writing Woman: Robinson's Response to Wollstonecraft Part 3: Posthumous Robinson: Early Nineteenth-Century Responses 7. Resurrecting Robinson: Charlotte Dacre's Hours of Solitude 8. "Sick of the same bruise": John Keats, Robinson and the Forlorn Body of Sensibility
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Charlotte Dacre; Charlotte Smith; cruscan; della; John Keats; Mary Wollstonecraft; poems; Robert Southey; robinsons; Samuel Coleridge; William Godwin; William Wordsworth