Marketing Strategy: A Decision-Focused Approach

Marketing Strategy: A Decision-Focused Approach


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Section One: Introduction to StrategyChapter 1: Market-Oriented Perspectives Underlie Successful Corporate, Business, and Marketing StrategiesChapter 2: Corporate Strategy Decisions and Their Marketing ImplicationsChapter 3: Business Strategies and Their Marketing ImplicationsSection Two: Opportunity AnalysisChapter 4: Understanding Market OpportunitiesChapter 5: Measuring Market Opportunities: Forecasting and Market KnowledgeChapter 6: Targeting Attractive Market SegmentsChapter 7: Differentiation and Brand PositioningSection Three: Formulating Marketing StrategiesChapter 8: Marketing Strategies for New Market EntriesChapter 9: Strategies for Growth MarketsChapter 10: Strategies for Mature and Declining MarketsChapter 11: Marketing Strategies for the New EconomySection Four: Implementation and ControlChapter 12: Organizing and Planning for Effective ImplementationChapter 13: Measuring and Delivering Marketing Performance
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