Marketing Concepts and Strategies

Marketing Concepts and Strategies

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Part I: Marketing defined and marketing in context 1. The marketing concept 2. Marketing strategy and understanding competitors 3. The marketing environment 4. Marketing in international markets and globalization Part II: Understanding and targeting customers 5. Consumer buying behaviour 6. Business markets and business buying behaviour 7. Segmenting markets 8. Targeting and positioning 9. Marketing research Part III: Marketing programmes - products and services, brands, place and channels, promotion and marketing communications, digital and pricing 10. Product decisions 11. Branding and packaging 12. Developing products and managing product portfolios 13. The marketing of services 14. Marketing channels 15. Channel players and physical distribution 16. An overview of marketing communications 17. Advertising, public relations and sponsorship 18. Sales management, sales promotion, direct mail, direct marketing and the web 19. Digital marketing 20. Pricing 21. Modifying the marketing mix for business markets, services and in international marketing Part IV: Marketing management 22. Marketing planning and forecasting sales potential 23. Implementing strategies, internal marketing relationships and measuring performance 24. Responsible marketing
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