Marginality in the Urban Center

Marginality in the Urban Center

The Costs and Challenges of Continued Whiteness in the Americas and Beyond

Brug, Peary; Roth, Kenneth R.; Ritter, Zachary S.

Springer International Publishing AG






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1. Introduction: Re-emerging whiteness in the Trump Era.- 2. Whiteness and Marginality: an Intersection.- 3. An Existential Marginality.- 4. Black Males and Marginality.- 5. Up Close and Lethal.- 6. Diversifying Police.- 7. An Economic and Historical.- 8. Somos los Negros.- 9. Increasing Tribalism and the Quest.- 10. Blazian, Blewish and Happa.- 11. Not Making the Grade.- 12. Paved with Good Intentions.- 13. Marginalizing what Matters.
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