Margaret's Monsters

Margaret's Monsters

Women, Identity, and the Life of St. Margaret in Medieval England

Heyes, Michael E.

Taylor & Francis Ltd






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Introduction The Lives of St. Margaret The Devil and the Details Chapter 1: The Monastic Margaret: The Life of St. Anthony and Gregory's Dialogues in the Life The Life of St. Anthony and Gregory's Dialogues Borrowed Demons Conclusion Chapter 2: In the Belly of the Beast: Sexual Surrender and Resistance in the Life Maternal Succumbing: The Paris Version Virginal Resistance: The Katherine Group Version Instruction in Imitation: The Katherine Group Version and Hali Meidhad Conclusion Chapter 3: The Devil Made Me Do It - Audience Partitioning and the Life of St. Margaret Monastic Masturbation: The Paris Version In Defense of Virginity: The Katherine Group Version Four-Footed Beasts: The CCC Version Conclusion Chapter 4: Circumcising Olibrius: Threatening Sexuality and Religious Alterity in the Life of St. Margaret Demonic Sexuality Synthesis Religious Identity Jewish Identity Saracen Identity Conclusion Chapter 5: Paging Dr. Margaret: Prayers and Pregnancy in the Life of St. Margaret Margaret's Blessings Gleanings to This Point Margaret at the Bedside The Life of the Life Conclusion: The Metamorphosis of Monsters The World of the Perpetual Present Shards of the "Present" A Socio-Cultural History from the Monstrous Reflections on Monsters, Time, and Saints Index
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Hagiography; Life of St. Margaret; Medieval religion; Medieval women; Monsters; Mystics; maternal identity; medieval England; Olibrius; pregnant women; Saints' lives; Saint Margaret of Antioch; Sexuality; sexual identities