Mannequins in Museums

Mannequins in Museums

Power and Resistance on Display

Cooks, Bridget R.; Wagelie, Jennifer J.

Taylor & Francis Ltd






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List of Figures List of Contributors Acknowledgments Introduction Bridget R. Cooks and Jennifer J. Wagelie Chapter One: The Museum Mannequin as "Body Without Organs" Jessica Stephenson Chapter Two: From Life?: Histories and Contemporary Perspectives on Modeling Native American Humankind through Mannequins at the Smithsonian Gwyneira Issac Chapter Three: Likeness and Likeability: Human Remains, Facial Reconstructions, and Identity-Making in Museum Displays Minou Schraven Chapter Four: Fashion and Physique: Size, Shape, and Body Politics in the Display of Historical Dress Emma McClendon Chapter Five: Asian Physiques of Mannequins in American Art Museums Kyunghee Pyun Chapter Six: Figures of Speech: Black History at The National Great Blacks in Wax Museum Bridget R. Cooks Chapter Seven: Black is the Color of My True Love's Skin: The Symbolism and Significance of the Black Female Mannequin Figure in Mary Sibande's Creative work Lanisa S. Kitchiner Index
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