Managing Cultural Heritage

Managing Cultural Heritage

An International Research Perspective

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1. International Perspectives on Management and Cultural Heritage (Luca Zan) Part 1: Managerialization and Change 2. Arts Organizations and the Transformation of the Public Sector (Paolo Ferri and Luca Zan) 3. The International Museum of Ceramics Between Two Narratives (Maria Lusiani and Luca Zan) 4. Failure to Change: An Assessment of Pompeii's Reform (Paolo Ferri and Luca Zan) 5. The Turkish Model of Decentralization in Cultural Heritage (Daniel Shoup, Sara Bonini Baraldi and Luca Zan) Part 2: Institutional Settings and Business Models 6. Institutional Settings and Business Models: Perspectives on Sustainability (Maria Lusiani and Luca Zan) 7. Managerial Transformation at Heritage Malta (Maria Lusiani and Luca Zan) 8. Institutional Design and the Business Model of Machu Picchu (Luca Zan and Maria Lusiani) 9. Planning: An Effective Instrument for Change? (Maria Lusiani, Daniel Shoup and Luca Zan) 10. Master Plans at Machu Picchu: Continuity and Change (Luca Zan and Maria Lusiani) 11. Byzantine Planning in Istanbul (Daniel Shoup and Luca Zan) Part 4: The Heritage Chain 12. The Heritage Chain: Assessing the Economic Organization of the Sector (Sara Bonini Baraldi and Luca Zan) 13. The Micro Level: Reconstructing the Luoyang's Horse and Chariot Discovery (Luca Zan and Sara Bonini Baraldi) 14. The Macro Level: Cultural Heritage in Turkey (Sara Bonini Baraldi, Daniel Shoup and Luca Zan) Part 5: Between Policies and Practices 15. Between Policies and Practices: Administration Matters (Sara Bonini Baraldi and Luca Zan) 16. Best and Worst Practices in Cultural Policy: Bologna 2000, Ten Years After (Luca Zan, Sara Bonini Baraldi and Federica Onofri) 17. Indirect Policies: Public Funding for Performing Arts in Italy (Sara Bonini Baraldi, Paolo Ferri, Maria Lusiani, and Luca Zan) 18. Taking Management Seriously in Heritage Studies (Luca Zan)