Malaysia and the Cold War Era

Malaysia and the Cold War Era

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Abu Talib bin Ahmad: From Kampung boy to Professor of History Ooi Keat Gin I 'Big' Picture and 'Small' Picture: An Introductory Essay Ooi Keat Gin II Between Left and Right: Chinese Politics in Malaya/Malaysia, 1920s-1990s Ooi Keat Gin III Kuomintang Man behind Special Force: Wu Tiecheng and Force 136, 1942-1945 Tan Chee Seng IV Anti-Japanese Movement to Haadyai Peace Accord: The Mobilization of Malayan Women in the Malayan Communist Party (MCP) Mahani Musa V From Malayan Union to Malayan Emergency: Nationalists' Resistance and Colonial Reaction in Post-war Malaya, 1946-1948 Azmi Arifin VI Malaysia, the Cold War, and Beyond Ooi Keat Gin VII Philippines Claim over Sabah from the Cold War Perspective Mat Zin Mat Kib VIII The Regression of Malaysian Socioeconomic Policy: Rise of State Discrimination in the Cold War Era, 1970s-1980s Sivachandralingam Sundara Raja IX Malaysia and the Cold War: The Longue Duree Approach Ooi Keat Gin Appendix 1.1 Constitutional Proposals for Malaya, 1947: A Comparison References
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