Lower Gastrointestinal Tract Surgery

Lower Gastrointestinal Tract Surgery

Vol. 2, Open procedures


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I COLON 1 Surgical anatomy and embryology.- 2 Appendectomy.- 3 Diverticulitis.- 4 Crohn's Disease.- 5. Ulcerative Colitis.- 6 Benign Tumor.- 7 Ileocecal, sigmoid volvulus.- 8 Surgery for cancer of the right colon.- 9 Surgery for cancer of the transverse colon and flectures.- 10 Surgery for cancer of the left colon.- 11 Multivisceral resections.- II RECTUM 12 Surgical anatomy and embryology.- 13 Benign tumors perianal excision including TEM.- 14 Rectal cancer, anterior/low, anterior resection with TME/PME.- 15 Lateral lymph node dissection.- 16 Abdominoperanal intersphincteric resection.- 17 Multivisceral resection.- 18 Intersphincteric, conventional and extralevator rectal excision - Gluteal muscle flap.- 19 Resection of pelvic bones.- 20 Flaps for reconstruction, VRAM flap.- III. PELVIC FLOOR, ANUS, AND ANAL CANAL 21 Anatomy and embryology.- 22 Haemorrhoids.- 23 Anal fistulas.- 24 Entero- and rectocele, rectal prolapse.- 25 Sphincter substitute.- 26 Sacral nerve stimulation.- 27 Incontinence, sphincter repair.- 28 Perianal procedures (TEM, TAMIS).
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