Logistics and Global Value Chains in Africa

Logistics and Global Value Chains in Africa

The Impact on Trade and Development

Adewole, Adebisi; Struthers, John J.

Springer International Publishing AG






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Part I. Logistics and Supply Chain Strategy.- Chapter 1. Trade and Economic Development in Africa: The Interaction between Logistics and Global Value Chains; Adebisi Adewole and John J. Struthers.- Chapter 2. Logistics and Supply Chain Infrastructure Development in Africa; Adebisi Adewole.- Chapter 3. Supply Chain Network and Logistics Management; Benjamin S. Bvepfepfe.- Chapter 4. Freight Transport Technology: A Cost-effective/Time-efficient Solution to Sub-Saharan Africa's Logistics Problems; David Burl.- Part II. Global Value Chain and Commodities Trade.- Chapter 5. Commodity Price Volatility: Causes, Policy Options, and Prospects for African Economies; John J. Struthers.- Chapter 6. Does Africa Have What it Takes to Upgrade in Global Value Chains?; Joseph K. Banini and Samuel K. Gayi.- Chapter 7. Logistics and Value Chain Development: Cost and Capability Considerations; Jodie Keane.- 8. The Importance of the Services Sector for Africa; Ottavia Pesce, Carolyne Tumuhimbise, William Davis and Lily Sommer.- Chapter 9. The Role of Market Institutions in Trade and Economic Development in Africa; Bla J.C. Eba, John J. Struthers.- Chapter 10. Can Trade Openness and Global Value Chains Improve Real GDP Growth & Human Development Index in Sub-Saharan African Countries?; Beatrice Isah Dara.
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