Living-With Wisdom

Living-With Wisdom

Permaculture and Symbiotic Ethics

Badman-King, Alexander

Taylor & Francis Ltd






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1. Moral knowledge ('wisdom') as the purpose of philosophy and life PART I: Philosophy 2. Plato and Aristotle on the nature of wisdom 3. Moderate realism as the epistemic and metaethical basis of wisdom 4. An amalgamation of philosophy and anthropology as the best method for gaining wisdom 5. The necessity of aesthetics and evaluation, and the pre-eminence of narrative in 'living-with' PART II: Life 6. Purposiveness amongst living things as a focus of wisdom and the usefulness of fringe cases for acquiring wisdom 7. The inevitability of doing harm, the importance of feeling bad and the central role of honesty and courage 8. An effort to outline an attitude of steady attention, poignancy and good humour in the face of death, as constitutive of wisdom