Literary Theory and Criticism

Literary Theory and Criticism

Recent Writings from South Asia

Gupto, Arun

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Introduction: Theory, Criticism, and Engaging with the Texts Arun Gupto Part I: Theory 1. DissemiNation: Time, Narrative, and the Margins of the Modern Nation Homi Bhabha 2. Belatedness as Possibility: Subaltern Histories, Once Again Dipesh Chakrabarty 3. The Blurring of Distinctions: The Artwork and Religious Icons in Contemporary India Tapati Guha Thakurta 4. Woman and Freedom Firdous Azim 5. Hyphenated post-colonial: A Divergent Perspective Tariq Amin-Khan 6. Grassroots Texts: Ethnographic Ruptures and Transnational Feminist Imaginaries Piya Chatterjee Part II: Criticism 7. Of Mimicry and Man: The Ambivalence of Colonial Discourse Homi Bhabha 8. Epilogue: The Tantra of Contemplative Cultural Critique Lata Mani 9. Postcolonial Hybridity: Midnight's Children Harish Trivedi 10. Fragmenting Nations and Lives: Sunlight on a Broken Column Vrinda Nabar 11. Puyakante Wijenaike: Spectral Spaces Minoli Salgado 12. Chokher Bali: The Novel of the New Age Radha Chakrabarty
Cultural Theory; Literary Criticism; Literary Theory; Literary Theory and Crticism