Literary Secretaries/Secretarial Culture

Literary Secretaries/Secretarial Culture

Thurschwell, Pamela; Price, Leah

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Contents: Introduction: invisible hands, Leah Price and Pamela Thurschwell; Speech on paper: Charles Dickens, Victorian phonography, and the reform of writing, Ivan Kreilkamp; Stenographic masculinity, Leah Price; The body types: corporeal documents and body politics circa 1900, Victoria Olwell; Dictation anxiety: the stenographer's stake in Dracula, Jennifer L. Fleissner; Secretary to the stars: mediums and the agency of authorship, Bette London; The case of the capable fingers: a Della Street mystery, Daniel Karlin; Bodies that mattered: technology, embodiment, and secretarial mediation, Douglas A. Brooks; Bibliography; Index.
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