Linking Industries Across the World

Linking Industries Across the World

Processes of Global Networking

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Contents: Introduction: linking industries across the world - new challenges to the World economy, Claes G. Alvstam, and Eike W. Schamp. Making Sense Of Globalization: The World Of Value Chains And Standards: Building global institutions: the diffusion of management standards in the world economy - an institutional perspective, Boris Braun; 'Fragmenting the Chain': economic and spatial differentiation in the post-liberalisation South African citrus export commodity chain, Charles Mather. Regional Systems And Global Networks: The Case of Innovation: Global networks as open gates for regional innovation systems, Ayda Eraydin; Local and global networks of innovation, Sam Ock Park; From technology transfer to knowledge transfer: an institutional transition, Norbert Buzas. The Firm In An Interlinked Territorial World: The World Of Production: Internal networking in the globalising firm: the case of r&d allocation in German automobile component supply companies, Martina Fuchs; Transnational corporations and the post-socialist economy: learning the ropes and forging new relationships in contemporary Poland, Boleslaw Domanski; From transfer to hybridisation? the changing organisation of Taiwanese PC investments in China, Jinn-yuh Hsu; Contrasting experiences with business networking in a transition economy: the case of Poland, Tadeusz Stryjakiewicz. The Reorganization Of 'Local' Production Systems In A Globalized World Economy: Industrial clusters in China: embedded or disembedded?, Jici Wang and Xin Tong; Cross-national ethnic networks in financial services: a case study of local banks in Singapore, Shuang Yann Wong; 'The Region is Local': restructuring the clothing industry of Southern Africa, Christian M. Rogerson; Index.
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