Life Writing in the Anthropocene

Life Writing in the Anthropocene


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Introduction Life: Writing and Rights in the Anthropocene Jessica White and Gillian Whitlock The Process 1. From the Miniature to the Momentous: Writing Lives through Ecobiography Jessica White 2. Period Rhetoric, Countersignature, and the Australian Novel Thomas Bristow 3. Writing Toward and With: Ethological Poetics and Nonhuman Lives Stuart Cooke 4. Becoming D | other: Life as a Transmuting Device Astrid Joutseno Essays 5. Writing the Lives of Plants: Phytography and the Botanical Imagination John Charles Ryan 6. "If a Tree Falls ..." : Posthuman Testimony in C. D. Wright's Casting Deep Shade, Eamonn Connor 7. Writing the Lives of Fungi at the End of the World Alexis Harley 8. Planetary Delta: Anthropocene Lives in the Blues Memoir Parker Krieg 9. Memoir and the End of the Natural World Tony Hughes-d'Aeth 10. "As Closely Bonded as We are:" Animalographies, Kinship, and Conflict in Ceridwen Dovey's Only the Animals and Eva Hornung's Dog Boy Grace Moore Forum: Writing the Lives of Other-than-Humans 11. "Desperation for Life": Writing Death in the Anthropocene Jessica White and Gillian Whitlock Forums 12. Writing the Cow: Poetry, Activism, and the Texts of Meat Jessica Holmes 13. Sheep: Voice | Complicity | Precedent Barbara Holloway 14. A Triumphal Entry, a Stifled Cry, a Hushed Retreat Rick De Vos What's Next? 15. Her Biography: Deborah Bird Rose Stephen Muecke Artist's Statement 16. Artist's Statement Anna Laurent
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