Learning and Teaching in Early Childhood

Learning and Teaching in Early Childhood

Pedagogies of Inquiry and Relationships

Green, Nicole; Jovanovic, Jessie; Boyd, Wendy

Cambridge University Press






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Part I: Teaching as Inquiry; 1. The early childhood teacher; 2. Working within early childhood learning environments; 3. Co-constructing learning with children; 4. Approaches to teaching and learning; 5. Agentic documentation and assessment in the 21st century; 6. Advocacy with early childhood policy, curriculum and regulatory requirements; Part II: Teaching as relating; 7. Fostering meaningful and respectful relationships with children; 8. Engaging with families and working in partnership; 9. Working collaboratively with staff; 10. Being with and connecting to community; 11. Sustainability and connecting to nature; 12. Inquiring and relating in the everyday life of an early childhood teacher.
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